Then something like this happens

It’s been a terrible week – violence, death, destruction and fear.  Heartbreaking times on a worldwide scale. People plotting murder and destruction and it’s all so SO wrong.  Then, in parishes all over the world, children gather with their schoolmates, teachers and families to entertain and tell a-new the Christmas story and then you come across something like this ….

Kaylee Rogers, aged ten, sings with her school one of the best known melodies on the earth’s face but with words re-worked.  In song, with joy and pure delight she reminds us of the way things are meant to be. Kaylee sings ….

God Bless you Kaylee, God bless your school friends in Killard House School (Co. Down)  and your familiy and may God continue to bless and develop your wonderful voice.


As for the rest of us, enjoy this …. it’s the way things are meant to be.

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