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Earlier today I met some cousins who are visiting from USA.  We arranged to meet at Knock Shrine and had lunch together.  Some I’d have known from before, with others it was a first time meeting.  Enjoyed the company very much and was good to catch up with those I know and get to know those I didn’t.  JFK’s line came to mind “A stranger is a friend I’ve yet to meet” …

Before meeting them I went to the Basilica for a minute.  Decided to take a little video of the Basilica which looks so good.  Posted to YouTube so have a look

After lunch we went home to Moygara and my brother Gerard took the family to see the home of their ancestors in Fauleens.  I think there is not much of the home left now but  even to stand on the ground has meaning.

I suppose we take our place for granted a bit and it’s all very local to us.  It’s when you see how much it means to children and grandchildren of those who emigrated, you begin to re-assess the appreciation of what’s local.

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