Tipp-ex and other decisions!

“I wish you a happy National Bank Holiday Weekend” ……

I was in the car on Friday and heard a well known Radio Presenter close his show with those words.

It seemed a contrived and long-winded way of saying “Happy St Patrick’s Day”!! Of course, to do that, might be considered politically incorrect and possibly, even more of an offence, an indication that something of our Sacred Story was being acknowledged.

It is quite common in some countries to exchange the greeting “Happy Holidays” around the third week of December!! Again, political correctness, secular tipp-ex, seems to distance, through silence and omission, the reason for the holiday.

So where are we with this? Will we celebrate “Paddys”, “Paddy’s Day”, “Drown the Shamrock” …. ? Or, will we let the name be heard?

It’s not just a choice for this week. It’s a choice we are called to make each day.

Let the name – the Holy Name be spoken! Let our voice be heard!

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  1. Marian Schneider

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

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