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This blog has been on the go now for a number of years.  It's place in cyberspace, though small enough, is certain.  I truly hope these pages and the thoughts and words they hold have something to offer you.

I enjoy keeping this going - not always easy but always worthwhile I think.  I love to hear from you, either through the contact pages or feedback or just bumping into you and you tell me that you like to read the "blog".

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  1. hi father Sherlock.have read your blog on a few occasions,and indeed are very interesting.i am a native of cloontarriff kilkelly. now married and living down the road in curry.i do keep in touch via the kilmovee news letter.kind regards always. maeve.

  2. I have heard about this on many occasions but this is the first time I have read your blogs.Very thoughtful and well written you really do have a way with words, you don’t just write them on a page you make the page come alive with imagies and memories…

  3. Father Sherlock,
    This is the first time I have seen your blog, though I intend to seek it out from here on. I have been attempting to research my Mulligan relatives who were “from the islands” down from the Kilroy home in Mullaghroe. I am quite sure now that my great grandmother, Mary Mulligan Kilroy was from Lumcloon. I do know she had a cousin and an uncle both Catholic priests by the name of Philip Mulligan. I will enjoy reading about the people and the area on your blog.
    Cathy Streit USA

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