Watch “A Christmas version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah” on YouTube

This was just shared with me. I’m sharing the shared. Enjoy.


  1. Beautiful! Love it!

  2. Yes, I am the one who shared this with Fr. Vincent. He comes to to St. Agnes Cathedral every summer and brings great spiritual joy to us all. I know he’s said in the past if it ain’t broke don’t fix it (referring to residing at St. Agnes every summer) but his presence is a true blessing and grace and I am so grateful for his being amongst us when he comes. He truly appreciates the very essence of being in God’s midst. He often speaks of the journey that we all are on in this life. And how that journey winds… My wife shared this video with me and I was brought to tears. How the artist brings us from Christ’s birth to his death on the cross for each of us is remarkable. The true story of each and all of our salvation is begun on Christmas Day but fulfilled on Good Friday and that first Easter morning. I am left humble in the presence of God’s mercy. We all struggle along our individual ways, but to share it with others as Fr. Vincent so eloquently says makes it all worth while and gives meaning to it all. Take a moment and and truly hear the words of this song and let them take hold in your heart. There is a special place to lay down your burdens and take solace in the Lord’s words and promises. Our world is hard but our struggles are united in a common goal and an everlasting promise of peace and hope. May God love us and let His face shine down us in the New Year! Hallelujah!

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