Where do you live?

"Homeless Jesus" - a statue in Glasgow

It was a straightforward question enough.  So too, the answer: “Come and see”.

They did and “spent the rest of that day with him”. No mention of where they went, what they did or who they met. But whatever all that entailed, it took the rest of the day - no, more than that, the rest of their lives.

Do you ever wonder where they went? It’s strange that we’re not told but it seems certain they didn’t go to an address. 

This picture above is of a statue of the “Homeless Jesus” and there’s a definite truth in it.  Jesus seeks to make his home among us, in our hearts and lives.  He is certainly found among the homeless and the searching, the poor, those who are lonely or hard-pressed. 

I saw him this week in the eyes of a widow coming to terms with the death of her husband and again in the flowing tears of a man whose wife had just died.  Met him in the home of a young couple just weeks into being parents and amazed that love of a child is such an overwhelming feeling. I heard him in choirs singing, musicians playing and men and women of the parish, reading his Word into our hearing.

He lives in our midst.  You’d like to think he’d have brought his disciples to meet us.

(From Kilmovee Parish Bulletin - 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - 14th January 2018)

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