White Christmas …

I have to confess I never cared much for Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” since snow just seems to drag things to a halt!  Anyway, looks as if it’s here for this year anyway.  I went out with camera on Sunday morning when I went to open the church for Mass and took a few photos.  Thought I’d share them here …….

This will be my first Christmas in this parish (Kilmovee) and I had hoped there’d be a great crowd for Christmas Eve Mass so that something of Monasteraden memories.  I’d imagine crowds will be down due to the awful road conditions we’re living with these days.  Hopefully though it will be a peaceful and blessed Christmas for all.

It will be the first Christmas since my mother’s death, R.I.P., and that brings with it many memories and some tears.  I hope she’s at peace and that all the efforts she made to give us happiness, not just at Christmas time, will be rewarded.  I’ll be thinking of her at Christmas Mass and of all who have lost a loved one during the year.

Hopefully 2010 will be a good year.  May it begin, end and be filled with peace for all – especially those who are now living, for any reason, in the absence of peace.


  1. hello,

    i enjoed reading and looking at all the photos.
    Have A very Happy New Year!

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