Worthy Celebration

Many people gathered in Mullinabreena on Sunday and Monday for the ordination and First Mass of Brendan McCarrick.  A native of the parish of Achonry-Mullinabreena, Brendan was ordained a priest of the Pallottine Order.  Bishop Brendan Kelly ordained him in the presence of family, friends, priests of the Pallottine community as well as diocesan priests and religious.  It was a joyful occasion and with all there, I wish Brendan every happiness and blessing in his ministry.

I took a few photos to include on our Diocesan Website so will include some of them here as well.

3 thoughts on “Worthy Celebration”

  1. Nice to have these lovely photos as souvenirs of a moving and joyful occasion. Nice too for a Dubliner like myself to visit Mullinabreena, a place hitherto unknown but now forever on the map thanks to the ordination I attended in the church there. I had the chance too to learn more about the diocese of Achonry and hear about the good work being done by the priests and people there — among them people whose paths I crossed many years ago in Maynooth College. Edward Thomas has a poem about a small place in the heart of rural England where the train stopped long ago, allowing him to note the name of the station: ‘Adlestrop’ (see https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-and-poets/poems/detail/53744). Well, ‘Mullinabreena’ will be even deeper engraved in my mind for the associations it will have for me.

    1. Donal, great to see you on Sunday (and Monday) but sorry we didn’t really get to chat much. I left fairly quickly on both occasions. Yes, it was a lovely gathering. Great to see Brendan so content and fulfilled. In sharp contrast to events in France the following morning. If you get a chance you might send me your contact details (you can use the CONTACT tab on this site). We will get in touch at some stage. Thanks for checking in! Vincent

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