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With Teresa Toolan my teacher from Mullaghroe N.S.

James Hunt, lives here in the parish and is a local correspondent for some of the local papers.  He just sent me this link to a piece on www.mayotoday.ie so thought I’d share!

It’s a few lines about our gathering in Kilmovee on June 10th and there are a few photos as well.

One of the people I was especially happy to see in Kilmovee was Teresa Toolan who was the principal teacher in Mullaghroe N.S. when I was there.  She taught alongside my aunt, Eilish, and Maura Murray (whose retirement function I attended some months ago).  I am thankful to the three of them and Ms Berndadette Scully (who also taught there for a some of my time) for all they did for us.

I will celebrate Mass in Cloonloo on Friday next and I look forward to meeting some of the neighbours and maybe school friends there again.

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  1. Lovely piece in the paper

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