A man rightfully remembered


Statue honouring Monsignor James Horan, the priest and power behind Knock Airport. A man of passion and vision – a gift to our age – one not to be forgotten.

Well done to him and all currently involved in the running of the airport.

A time also to hear the call of Knock Shrine – gather at the Gable Wall.

If you can’t get there in person, you can check out www.knock-shrine.ie for live streaming of Church services.

I was at the airport this morning and stopped to take a look, for the first time really, at the statue honouring Monsignor James Horan.  Including a few more photos.  I liked the colours in the sky and will get some more photos another time that might show more detail of the statue itself.

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  1. It is class I took some photos of it weeks ago

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