Advent Begins

There are some who

want us to think that it’s Christmas Eve,

with just five minutes left before shops close.

Has all this replaced Advent?

The answer is “NO”.

The Advent Wreath is before us,

the journey is beginning a-fresh

and we’ll take it all with us to

the door and straw of the Bethlehem Stable and,

on Christmas Day

we’ll celebrate, as if for the first time,

the Birth of

our Saviour.    

Vincent Sherlock

As we begin the Season of Advent, I am very grateful to the many people who have purchased copies of Let Advent Be Advent.  I've been told by Messenger Publications that it has gone "very well" and that some parishes have bought copies to be used by their congregations as a journey of prayer during the weeks of Advent.  I'm so pleased to think this is happening and truly hope that the pages, or at least some of them, might be a worthy companion to those seeking a moment of reflection.

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