Back at base ….

A visitor to the blog wondered if I’d become a “Kiltegan Priest” given that I’d mentioned Kiltegan in the last few posts.

I’m back in Kilmovee and have no desire to move a few miles let alone across the country or to a new continent.  I very much enjoyed the few days in Kiltegan though.  I met the finest of people there – about seventy priests attended the five day retreat and their welcome and encouragement truly gave me a lift and great sense of my doing something worthwhile.  I was happy to meet many of them at the table or for a chat and indeed the occasional walk.  My admiration for their commitment to the work they do and have done increased.  It was clear they were dedicated to their missionary life and, even in retirement, carried the people they met and with whom they worked very much in their hearts.

It was good to connect with people I’ve known, to have the chance to pray for some of those who have died and to get a sense of what it is like to live in a Missionary Society for a few days.  At Mass today, we remembered nine priests of the Society who died since the last gathering for a retreat. Among them Fr Leo O’Sullivan who was a good friend to my family and me.  We also recalled the anniversary of Fr Leo Sheridan whose nephew Leo was in my class in school.  Fr Leo’s brother, Gerry, was Garda Sergeant in Gurteen and it was good to make the link with their memory too.  May all who have died rest in peace.

Back now to doing my own little bit in my own patch.  Happy with that too.

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