Daily Lenten Thought February 14th (St Valentine’s Day)

Today we celebrate St Valentine’s Day. Celebrations may take the form of sharing gifts, cards, going out for meals to name but a few.  For some it will just be an excuse to show how much they love another.  For others, it might be an opportunity to take the first steps towards showing feelings for another.  For all it is an opportunity to show gratitude for the trust shown by another in his or her love. For all too, it is a timely reminder of how much we need one another in life.

Many of the images used will be of young fun-loving couples in air-brushed photos that show no sign of the wear and tear that is truly part of love.  For Valentine’s Day Love is found in Nursing Homes too, where an old man or woman sits by the side of an ailing partner.  It is the home, where mothers and fathers do so much for their families and not just children but their adult families who may have long since moved out of home.  It is the man or woman who maybe had love for a while and somehow it got away.  In other words, the love celebrated this weekend, is as much about long term commitment as social media fun.

“Will you still love me”, he asked, “when I’m old and fat?”  “I do!”, she replied 🙂


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