Yesterday, I met Marian (a niece of one of our oldest parishioners in Kilmovee) and it was good to meet her. We went for lunch (Fisherman’s Catch, Point Lookout) and met with her daughter and son-in-law, whose marriage I celebrated in Rockville Centre.  When I was here last year they had their first baby but time didn’t allow for us to meet.  We rectified that yesterday.  We had a lovely lunch and a good chat but the highlight for me was their little daughter.  She was among the best humoured people I’ve ever met.  Without saying a word (well at least a word I understood) she held the attention of all.  I have to say it was a joy to meet her.  I look forward to sharing these photos with her great grand-aunt.  (I don’t think she’s an “on-line” woman!!)


  1. Marian Schneider

    With everyone’s busy schedules I was so glad we were able to meet up. Thank you for making the time, and I was thrilled you got to meet my granddaughter, she is so precious and has been a pure JOY in our lives. Safe travels, any I hope I get to see you soon in Ireland.

  2. Hello, I am Fallyn’s other grandma, Barbara. I so agree with Marian, Fallyn gives us soooo much joy, a true gift from God. So happy you got to meet her.

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