I wasn’t the only one there … the only one in many places to be more exact, but happy to have been part of the Darkness Into Light Walk this morning.  I did it two years ago in the Forest Park, Boyle and though it was in Ballaghaderreen last year, the closest I got was waking to my alarm around 3am and wondering “will I or won’t I?”  the “won’t” won out! Decided to give it a go this year.

Amazing to see so many people in St Nathy’s College Hall this morning.  Even more amazing to see people in such good form, so revved up for the walk and happy to be part of it. Certainly, you’d not think it was the middle of the night.  People were at their best. When you think about it, it’s the best place for people to be.

The route passed quickly.  Nobody seemed to be walking alone even if you went there alone (as I did) and there’s a message in that too.  For surely at the heart of this entire venture is a desire to let people know they are not walking alone and, if they are, they don’t need to. Always, there’s someone willing to share the journey.

There was good banter along the way, comments passed and smiles exchanged served only to shorten the journey.  The breaking of the clouds – the darkness into light – revealed the spire of our Cathedral, the faces of our fellow walkers and brought on a new day.

A great way to start the day.  No, I won’t be getting up at 3am tomorrow!  If God spares me though, I’ll be there again next year.  Well done to all involved.  It’s estimated that over 100,000 people walked into the light last night all over Ireland.  Now that can’t be bad.

God Bless the work of Pieta House and God guide the steps of those seeking help towards its open door.

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  1. Bet you won’t be up at cock crow tomorrow!!!!

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