Donal Walsh – God rest him


Donal Walsh, R.I.P.

So sorry to hear today of the death of Donal Walsh, a young lad from Kerry, who lived with cancer for the past number of years. Aged 16, he recently appealed to all and, in particular young people, to value life and never throw it away through death by suicide. He  spoke so movingly and with real passion and conviction. He said he was fighting for months but would take days. Sadly the days have run out but I’ve no doubt his legacy will abide.

We offered Mass for Donal, his family and friends this morning in Kilmovee.  We prayed too, that those for whom he prayed and those to whom he wished to speak, may have heard his message and reclaim their peace.

May he rest in peace.

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  1. May he rest in peace . Thanks V for sharing this special interview with us and hope his words and value he has put on life will be heard and heeded. A

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