It’s so easy to say “yes” especially if the yes is less than certain.  The father of this weekend’s Gospel asks his sons to go and work in the vineyard.  The first says “yes” but does not go and the second says “no” but later, through a bit of reflection, changes his mind and goes to do the work.  Jesus asks which of the two did the will of the father – the answer of, course, the one who found  his yes and went where he was needed.

Yes to the Father’s Will is a very important and much needed response.  More than the opposite of “no”, it’s a choice for a way of life that makes the best of who we are.  That YES takes us beyond where our own sense of self-preservation might otherwise take us.   It brings us into contact with others, with prayer, with discovery, with community – it brings us a place called “Church”, not just the building with the spire, but the people who look to that place of worship for support, guidance and peace.

There are many opportunities for this “yes” to be found.  Will you sing a song in the choir?  Would you read at Mass?  Will you be an Altar Server?  Have you an hour to spend in adoration of The Blessed Sacrament?  Will you say a prayer for me?  Would you consider the possibility that God is calling you to priesthood or religious life?

You’re needed in the Vineyard.  We all are.  He’s asking us and He’ll continue to ask.   It seems to be His way – patiently He waits and daily He asks ….

Hopefully we’ll find our “yes”, even if we’ve said “no” in the past.


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