Lough Derg Continues

Still on “The Island”!  Thankfully still enjoying it too.  Met some wonderful people and had the chance to work with some great priests and a deacon who is to be ordained a priest of Clogher Diocese.  That, in itself, has been great to see.  I watched him as he led us in Benediction last night and couldn’t but notice the reverence he brought and showed to the Blessed Sacrament.  Perhaps, at times, we need reminders like this, lest we become too casual.

Today included bidding farewell to the “pilgrims” who came to Lough Derg the same day as myself.  Having completed their Vigil and the “Stations” of the Island and celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation, they return home now – hopefully enlivened and enriched by the time spent here.  I watched them depart and felt a connection with them, since they were part of the group I led into Vigil on Monday night and with whom I celebrated Evening Mass on Tuesday evening.

“Round and round the story goes”

It’s a bit quieter here this morning so decided to wander around and take a few photos. Hope you like them!  This is one of my favourites:

“A DAISY A DAY” in a chain of prayer and pilgrimage

As pilgrims leave, others take their place now and that’s the way life goes here.  I continue to be genuinely impressed by the depth of faith of the people and the span of ages attending here.


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