I’ve spent the past few days in Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo. It’s not my first time here but it is the first time I remember spending time around here and I have to say, it’s a lovely part of my home county.

Since Monday evening, I have been in the Star of The Sea, Retreat and Conference Centre. I was asked some months ago by the director, Sr Kathleen, if I’d lead a Pre-Advent Retreat.  I said I would but, apart from that, didn’t really know what to expect from the days. I didn’t know how many would be here or what sort of group.  As it turned out there were ten Religious Sisters here from different parts of the country; Donegal, Cavan, Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo and Galway.  Only one of them was known to me.  I was happy to see her here as it gave me a bit of confidence facing into the days.  I told her that too!!

The days went well, thank God and the response has been good.  It’s been a pleasant few days.  I made an attempt to walk yesterday (Tuesday) but didn’t go too far.  The day was cold and the rains not far away.  Last night I went to visit a couple and their children in Kinlough and another family in Grange.  Was good to have the chance to catch up there too.

The walk happened today – just short of 5K of a circuit walk that took me along the coastline.  It wasn’t the best of days but the scenery was spectacular.  Certainly a place to visit again on a sunnier day! Please God, that will happen.  Felt proud of Sligo as I watched the ocean move in and out against the coastline.  Thought it could and would hold its head with any part of the country.

The retreat is almost over but I feel its memories will remain with me for a while. Hopefully some of it with the ten too!!

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  1. I was one of the lucky 10. I enjoyed a Scripture based unique retreat, based on ‘Gifts fit for an infant King’, in word, song and music. Thank you Fr. Vincent

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