Remembered for ….

Looking through Twitter yesterday I noticed this photo and it caught my eye.  An image captured from one of the many marches around the world that sought to express something less than pleasure at the election of the Donald Trump as President of the United States, the slogan was a play on his election slogan: “Make America Great Again”.  I liked the call to kindness.  Of course the banner was given to the child and was not of her making but she presents the message and there’s something believable in a child calling us to kindness.

I was struck by the difference one word can make.  There’s nothing wrong with greatness and to be told you’re “great” is as welcoming as its flattering but there’s something very special about kindness.  I think, at day’s end, we’d prefer to be remembered for kindness rather than greatness.

The slogan then goes beyond America to a more immediate “homeland” – the homeland that is “me”.  Maybe we need to hear that slogan applied to ourselves and, if there’s been any slippage, to let the message sink in “Make ME kind again”.



  1. Love the idea of make America kind again, not sure our new president knows what kind is but there is always hope and prayers. We can teach all children kindness, and teach by example also.

  2. Nice. I wish it were so. We are in for a rough time the next four (or eight!!!) years. I used to think this old Republic could survive anything, but am not so sure any more.

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