Side by side - then and now - Bill and Mary

Side by side – then and now – Bill and Mary

Today is the anniversary of my mother’s death.  She died five years ago on the anniversary of the Apparition at Knock.

She is fondly remembered by all of us this day and we pray that she rests in peace and continues to offer support to us all.

“Though your message was unspoken
the truth in silence lies
so we gaze upon your vision
and the truth we try to find …..”

The truth is we miss you.  The silence is the quietness of your spoken word, the phone that doesn’t ring and display your name – often many times in the day but always, at least once! The vision is the face remembered, the love eternal and the goodness you so freely shared at table, in car, on the road and in our home.

With you, we remember Bill and all who have died.  We remember all attending the Novena in Knock and, especially so today, the 135th Anniversary of that August evening when Our Lady stood with people, assuring them they would never be left alone.


  1. Marian Schneider

    RIP to your MOM . Our Lafy of Knock Queen of Ireland looking after our loved ones.

  2. Nancy and Caroline Hunt

    Remembering your dear Mother with prayers. Also remembering your visit to Martin and us on her first anniversary, with your prayers and song.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in the States.

    Nancy and Caroline Hunt

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