Two Legends

Watched a documentary on Johnny Cash the other evening.  It was called “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”.  It was very good.  I liked one piece where Kris Kristofferson talked about Johnny singing one of his songs “Sunday Morning Coming Down” and that the producers of the show wanted him to substitute a word they did not think acceptable.  Cash asked Kris what he thought and Kris said the other word suggested did not have the same meaning.  He left the choice to Cash …..

I just recorded this with phone so video quality not great but the message is clear and I love Kris’ rendition.  I cut the recording before realising Kris had something else to say about the lines he had just sung … “Well, I guess that could have been sung worse but I don’t know by who …..”

I think Kris does a good job on his own song … here he sings it at a tribute concert in memory of Johnny Cash.

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