We’re nearly there

Thought from this week’s parish bulletin …

This is the last week before Holy Week.  Next Sunday sees the celebration of the Lord’s entry into Jerusalem.  We call it “Palm   Sunday” or “Passion Sunday” and it speaks to us of how quickly a crowd can change its mind.  Branches of welcome paved the way and shouts of praise acclaimed the Messiah.  Those same voices, a few short days later, shouted for the freeing of Barrabbas and the crucifixion of Jesus.  How easily the voice and conscience can get lost in the crowd!

So, in these closing days of Lent, we pray that we find and hold onto our voice – the voice of honesty, encouragement, patience, praise, support, trust, faith and friendship.  Holding onto that voice, may we use it to its fullest potential in season and out of season.  What is right today will be right tomorrow.  What is wrong today will equally be wrong tomorrow.  The Lord does not need us swaying in the wind with the latest opinion poll or acclaimed fad.  He needs us to be  consistent in our lives, dealings, prayer and action.

Finding our voice, may we raise it to an audible pitch that others may know we believe in God and want to behave in a way fitting to that belief.

We’re nearly there …. or maybe, we’re here!

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